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Exceptional Student Education Programs

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programs provide part-time and full-time services that support learning opportunities for exceptional students, grades K-5. Specially designed instruction is delivered to provide support and differentiation to students that have learning differences as well as students who are gifted. FBCS recognizes that each student learns differently. FBCS provides a limited range of supports and accommodations with a specific focus on advancement and growth for each student.

Talented and Gifted (TAG) Program Teachers at the elementary level begin to identify and develop high ability learners from all student populations. The goal in grades K-2 is to identify students who have the potential of being formally identified as gifted in grade 3. All students in 2nd-4th grades take the CoGAT standardized test to assist in identifying students who would benefit from the TAG class. The TAG program serves identified gifted students in grades 3-5. We will offer a full-time gifted program to grades 4 and 5, and part-time pull-out in grade 3.


The TAG program is available to nurture academic excellence of the gifted students and to increase student achievement. It is recognized that gifted students have unique abilities, values, needs, and talents. The program is designed to aid in the optimum development of students’ emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual capacities through:


  • Authentic learning opportunities that expand student interests

  • Independent research

  • Logic activities

  • Engineering projects

  • Creative writing

  • Music and Visual Arts

  • Interdisciplinary projects

  • PBL (Project Based Learning)

  • Responses to literature 


Students are assessed on the development of their cognitive skills, communication skills, research and independent study skills, attitudes and behaviors, and learning skills. Students must meet eligibility requirements in order to be considered for the program. Enrollment into the TAG program is based on qualifying scores through CoGAT, academic performance, and behavioral characteristics of Gifted Students evaluation forms.


Strive Services

​​We offer part-time Strive Services to grades 2-5 (to include specialized teaching, teaching students how to reach their full potential, inspiring them, teaching to be victorious in Christ, and empowering them to use their God-given gifts and abilities). Strive offers pull-out and inclusive programs during normal school hours, individualized instruction based on standardized testing, one-on-one/small group sessions, a collaborative effort with classroom teacher’s input, remedial-support, and open communication with parents.

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